THERMEYE Thermal Camera Manufacturer

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Hangzhou Kexin Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Thermeye Tech. designs,manufactures, sales, distributes products and provides services concerning with infrared thermalimaging technologies, which is widely appliedin different scenarios, such as all-time, all-weather surveillance for airport,residence, warehouse and etc., fire pre-warning, industrial automation andinspection, law-enforcement, maritimerescue or other missions under extreme conditions, where ordinary observation technologies based on visible light detection islimited.Our solutions include thermalcores and components, thermal lens, thermal Personal Vision System (PVS), thermographic systems; thermal imagingcameras with different appearance forvideo surveillance, fire pre-warning and other purpose. We also provide thermalimageintelligent analytic softwareplatform (Thermeye TOOLS) that helps to build up an integrated solution.