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There is no video on the web viewer

There is no video on the web viewer (1) If your browser is other than IE, please try it with IE. The live view does not work at other browser.(2) When the number of user connection is exceeded, the video can’t be streamed. The limitation is 10 users including RTSP and SDK connections.(3) If an old version of active-X is installed → Uninstall the old one at IP installer and install a new one by reconnecting the camera.(4) Please check camera setup. If the gain value is set to 0 DB, the camera is unable to see anything at night.

How about the compatibility for your device?

Camera housing are subsystems designed to allow integration into other systems. Our thermal camera cores can be used in whole or subsystem form by an OEM in many applications. For example, thermal monocular, thermal binoculars, CCTV cameras.

How long is your product warranty period?

The free warranty period for the product is one year, any special cases will be subject to concrete contract.

Compare to other companies, what superiorities do you have?

The Company is driving innovations that extract value from the intersection of defense, security and firefight sciences to help address many of the world's most challenging problems such as the need for security, fire preventing, preventing poaching and environmental protection. Our R&D Department has consistently allowed us to launch cutting edge and innovative products and technologies. We have independent core technology of thermal imaging and laser infrared imaging, we are specialized in manufacturing night vision camera & system solution. We have our own industry chain.