Seven Advantages of Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras

Seven Advantages of Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras


An infrared thermal imaging camera can convert the invisible infrared energy emitted by an object into a visible thermal image. This article will specifically introduce the seven advantages of infrared thermal imaging cameras.

the seven advantages of infrared thermal imaging cameras

The infrared thermal imaging camera accurately quantifies the actual heat detected, and images the entire target object in real-time in the form of a surface, so it can accurately identify the suspected faulty area that is heating. The following are the seven advantages of infrared thermal imaging cameras.


General infrared light products have an imaging distance of fewer than 100 meters. Thermal imaging cameras image the infrared rays radiated by objects and are not limited by ambient light and illuminating light. Generally, telephoto thermal imaging cameras can observe people over 3 kilometers and vehicles over 6 kilometers.

Strong concealment

It receives signals completely passively and does not actively transmit detection signals so that it will not be easily detected by counter-reconnaissance means.

Strong penetrating ability

Infrared thermal radiation has a stronger ability to penetrate fog, haze, rain, and snow than visible light, so the imaging effect of the infrared thermal imaging system under severe weather conditions is almost unaffected. In particular, the long-wave infrared temperature camera that acts on 8-14um has a stronger ability to penetrate fog.

Ability to work around the clock, resistant to strong light interference

Infrared thermal imaging camera imaging does not rely on illumination light and ambient light but relies on the radiation of the target and the background to produce scene images. Therefore, the infrared thermal imaging system can work 24 hours a day, and it will not be exposed to visible light as other night vision equipment. interference. The low-light camera cannot image without ambient light.

Can identify hidden targets

Ordinary camouflage is based on anti-visible light observation. The crimes committed by criminals are usually hidden in the grass and woods. Due to the harsh outdoor environment and human visual illusions, they are prone to misjudgment. Temperature sensor cameras can detect hidden thermal targets through camouflage and grass and leaves. The temperature and infrared radiation of the human body and vehicles are generally much greater than the temperature and infrared radiation of vegetation, so it is not easy to camouflage, and it is not easy to make false judgments.

Fire monitoring

Normal fires are caused by unobvious hidden fires. Using existing common methods, it is difficult to find signs of such hidden fires. Since the infrared thermal imaging camera is an imaging device that reflects the surface temperature of an object, the infrared thermal imaging camera is used to detect the fire point through the smoke, so as to know and prevent and extinguish it early.

Low power consumption and long life

Because laser lighting or infrared lamps require active lighting, the power consumption of the whole machine is relatively large. On some special power supply occasions, a low-power infrared thermal imaging system must be used. Since the heat dissipation problem of active systems such as infrared lamps is difficult to solve, the life of ordinary infrared lamps is only 1,000 hours, and the life of laser illumination is about 10,000 hours, but the life of uncooled infrared thermal imagers can reach 45,000 hours.

Due to the characteristics of high efficiency, infrared thermal imaging cameras are more and more widely used. If you want to learn more about the infrared camera after reading the above, you can contact us for more detailed and comprehensive information and solutions. At the same time, our infrared thermal imaging cameras have excellent performance and strong endurance, which can meet your purchase needs.

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