How to Maintain the Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera?

How to Maintain the Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera?


If you want to make the infrared thermal camera give full play to its advantages and extend the service life, you must start with daily maintenance. This article will specifically introduce the specific methods of maintaining the infrared thermal imaging camera.

the maintenance method of the infrared camera

The infrared thermal imaging camera is an optical measuring device, which is very precise for temperature measurement. After frequent use, we need to carry out daily use and maintenance, otherwise, the working effect of the infrared thermal imaging camera may be affected. The following is the maintenance method of the infrared camera.

How to clean the infrared thermal imaging camera

First of all, the dust and particles of the infrared thermal imaging camera must be removed on time, because if there is too much dust on the instrument, its sensitivity is bound to be affected, and once the sensitivity is affected, the instrument basically loses what it should have. Use value. The following is the specific cleaning method.

(1)Lightly moisten the cloth, but note that not all liquids can be used. It must not be a non-corrosive solution, because the current thermal imager Its structure is not made of anti-corrosion materials, because under normal circumstances, the cost of anti-corrosion materials is too high. General thermal imaging cameras are made of plastic materials. Of course, if there is no special The cleaning agent can also be cleaned with a mild diluted soap solution, because soap has a sterilizing effect.

(2) Do not wipe the lens with a wet soft cotton cloth, that is to say, do not put the cloth directly in the cleaning solution, because if the cloth is too wet, excess water stains will penetrate into the instrument when wiping the lens. Affect the normal use of the thermal temperature camera.

(3) Wipe the display gently with a clean cleaning cloth. After use, be sure to cover the lens of the thermal temperature camera as soon as possible to prevent dust from entering.

Infrared lens maintenance

The lens components of infrared thermal imaging cameras are generally made of germanium crystal, which can be easily broken and scratched. LCD screens are also susceptible to excessive pressure. Therefore, in order to protect the lens of the thermal imaging camera, the lens cover is usually covered when not in use to avoid dust or accidental damage. When the lens needs to be wiped, please wipe it with special lens paper. Never use your hands, otherwise, the image quality may decrease.

Battery maintenance

There may be heat during charging. Although overcharging will not damage the battery, it is strongly recommended that the charging time should not exceed too long.

When we use a temperature sensor camera, we need to pay attention to the temperature of the environment to ensure that the temperature of the infrared camera is stable. If you still have doubts about the maintenance of the thermal imaging camera after reviewing the above content, you can contact us for a comprehensive solution.

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