Analysis of the Application of Infrared Thermal Imager in Security

Analysis of the Application of Infrared Thermal Imager in Security


In order to prevent visible light monitoring from being affected by external factors, a new type of infrared thermal imaging technology is quietly entering the field of security. The following are the characteristics of infrared thermal imaging and its application in security

With the changes in the monitoring environment and the improvement of market requirements, some defects of the visible light video monitoring system are gradually emerging, for example, the monitoring effect depends largely on the intensity of visible light, and it is difficult to achieve good results at night;

In today's rapid economic development, smog has gradually become normalized weather. Visible light monitoring is greatly affected by smog. Severe smog can even completely "blind" the current security monitoring system. Therefore, in order to overcome the limitations of the above systems, a new type of security monitoring technology is quietly entering the security field - infrared thermal imaging technology. The following are the characteristics of infrared thermal imaging and its application in security.

The principle and characteristics of infrared thermal imaging

According to its working principle, infrared thermal imaging systems are divided into two categories: active and passive.

Existing common night vision cameras use the active emission of near-infrared for imaging. These cameras are surrounded by a circle of light-emitting diodes (LED) or laser searchlights, which emit near-infrared rays that are invisible to the human eye at night, with a wavelength of less than 1um. The near-infrared rays reflected by the illuminated objects are detected by CMOS chips to achieve night vision effects in the illuminated area. . However, the near-infrared light source and its power supply device for active infrared thermal imaging are cumbersome and consume a lot of power.

Infrared thermal imaging adopts the passive infrared imaging method, does not require any illumination, and performs imaging by detecting the far-infrared radiation emitted by the target itself. All objects with a temperature above absolute zero (-273℃) emit infrared light, known as black body radiation. Most of the emission energy of objects near normal temperature is concentrated in the long-wave infrared region of 8-14um, which cannot be detected by the human eye and ordinary visible light cameras. Special infrared detectors (focal plane arrays) are required for imaging.

The infrared thermal imager receives the far-infrared energy radiated from various parts of the target, converts it into a temperature value through calculation and calibration, and uses different colors to represent different temperatures, which are displayed on the back-end screen.

Compared with other visual assistance systems such as active infrared imaging, infrared thermal imaging has many advantages. Because the passive infrared system can work day and night, can identify camouflage, is less affected by the weather, has a higher resolution than the radar system, has better concealment, and is less susceptible to electronic interference, it has become the first choice for military night vision systems. 

In addition, it is not disturbed by visible light, can penetrate smoke, and can shoot the overall temperature distribution of objects without contact. It has wide application prospects in security monitoring, industrial testing, medical care, and vehicle night vision.

Application of infrared thermal imaging system

A safe city is a hot topic that people pay attention to in recent years. How to make the place we live in safer, how to build a strong security network to ensure the safety of the entire city, the use of scientific and advanced technical defense means is the most effective. Under this premise, the construction of an urban security emergency system will become more and more important. Examples of applications of thermal imaging cameras are as follows.

1. Effectively realize the monitoring and early warning of camouflaged and hidden targets

Ordinary camouflage to prevent visible light observation. General criminals usually commit crimes at night and choose to hide in the grass or woods, which is not easy to detect. The infrared thermal imaging device passively accepts the thermal radiation of the target itself. The temperature and infrared radiation of the human body and the vehicle are generally greater than the temperature and infrared radiation of the vegetation, so it is not easy to camouflage, and it is not easy to cause misjudgment.

2. Road monitoring at night and in harsh environments

Recently, frequent haze weather in various parts of my country has brought a great impact on transportation and travel. Due to severe haze, highways have been closed, flights have been delayed or even canceled. In this case, the traditional visible light security system is basically unusable. However, the infrared thermal imaging monitoring system is not affected by the haze.

3. Front-end image intelligent recognition

The infrared thermal imager system also provides temperature information on the basis of the existing intelligent identification technology and algorithm of the visible light system. Since the temperature information is not affected by light, color, etc., the intelligent recognition ability and accuracy of the thermal imager are higher. 

For example, thermal imaging cameras can be used for people flow statistics in public areas to provide more accurate real-time data, which can be analyzed on the camera side and can issue early warnings for crowd gatherings or other abnormal behaviors. In addition, the thermal imager can also alarm people with high body temperature in the crowd to prevent the spread of diseases such as bird flu.

The prospect of infrared thermal imaging video surveillance

Infrared thermal imaging cameras have been widely used in security systems and become an indispensable part of security monitoring systems. Infrared thermal imaging camera has a concealed detection function, no need for light can penetrate fog and haze, and a visible distance of several kilometers can be intelligently recognized according to temperature and other characteristics, which determines the importance of infrared thermal imaging technology in the field of security. 

At the same time, the development of the security monitoring industry is very rapid, and many companies have joined in following the development of the market. To achieve a better level of development, we must innovate better products and functions.

With the development of video surveillance in the direction of digitization and networking, networked surveillance has become a basic feature of surveillance systems, and the attention to the surveillance industry has also shifted from the DVR and NVR disputes in previous years to the system management platform.

The user's focus is shifting from a simple product combination to the application, management, and value-added of the system. If the value of traditional hardware is to be improved, it must have the characteristics of the combination of software and hardware, intelligence, digitization, and systematization, and at the same time, it also conforms to the transformation of the product portfolio to system application and management. The new infrared thermal imaging monitoring technology is in line with these characteristics, and its popularity in the security field should be an inevitable trend.

The above describes the application of thermal imaging cameras in security. If you want to know more or buy thermal imaging cameras, please contact us.

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